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Daily Bears Report: Tuesday January 26

Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Men's Basketball

After a stressful yet rewarding win over Kansas State, Baylor fans had enthusiasm to spare going into Saturday's home tilt with the Oklahoma Sooners. I'm not sure any amount of enthusiasm, grit, grind, heart or hustle would have overcome the offensive onslaught Buddy Hield and the Sooners unleashed. The final score, 82-72, made the game seem closer than it actually was.

That being said, The Bears are ranked #18 in the USA Today Poll and #17 in the AP. Full list here.

Joe Lunardi also currently has Baylor as a #6 seed in the NCAA Tournament. I have seen as high as a #4 seed prediction.

DFank has a much better bracket going on. Read here.

Women's Basketball

Um, guys, this team is fun. I haven't watched nearly as much as I should have by now, but this will be changing.

The Lady Bears have only one blemish on their 20 games played this season, and are currently ranked #4 in the nation. Fresh off a nice 77-61 win in Ames, it appears as though everyone needs to start taking a closer look at Khadijah Cave. Double-double machine, and #55swag member.

Also Kristy if you are reading this can we like go shoot jumpers somewhere please I think my form has a hitch in it and you are probably the on[falls through trap door]


NFL Draft Measurement Day is upon us. Please pay close attention as we line up lots of young men in front of a bunch of reporters in their underwear and weigh them and measure them and stuff. The players, not the reporters are in their underwear. Let's make that clear.

Also, lots of recruiting news as we barrel towards National Signing Day. Check it out here.

Track and Field (Runny Jumps?)

Former but still kinda Bear Trayvon Bromell notched a world-leading 60-meter time by winning the event at the meet in 6.54. That's seconds. Like, less seconds than it takes for me to decide which way the cap on my water bottle is supposed to turn.

Fill in the gaps in the comments.