Predict the Score - Lamar v. Baylor

Bob Levey/Getty Images

Redbeard25 has gotten out to a quick lead on the rest of us by predicting the exact score of last week's game against SMU. Will the feat be replicated this week? Might it be you who is the best prognosticator? Suspended players should return. How elite will the first team offense be? How long will they play? What type of scoring will occur in "garbage time?"

If you didn't play last week, never fear. The competition is also week-to-week so come along and join in now and going forward. All are welcome. At the end of the season, there will be One True Champion who was the most accurate for all games but there will also be an opportunity to be the most accurate on average (for those guessing in less than all of the games), who was the most accurate for just Baylor's scores, our opponent's score line, and more. It is not too late to join in and still prove your predicting prowess for the season.

You know what to do. You have until game time to place your guess. It may go into the below survey (or if it randomly disappears like last week), you may put your guess in the comments section and I'll handle it manually.

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