Ding Dong The Tarp Is Gone - Part 2 - UPDATE

Just to update everyone regarding the tarp issue, expect to see McLane further commercialized this year with Ad Banner tarp.


New "Commercial" Tarp

I suppose I'm ok with this as anything that will add to the Baptist Gold Coin Vault to help in assisting recruits future students.

The response to the poll and suggestions in the comments were awesome! The poll closed with:

  • Nick Pants GIF receiving 35% of the votes. I can envision all of his GIFS surrounding the Stadium wall.


An Example Of Nick Pants GIF

  • Your suggestions were second with 27% of the votes, and boy were there some doozies.


Self Explanatory



Many Variations Of 61-58 Could Be Used, Team Picture Seems Most Appropriate


You Can Never Go Wrong With Using Real Gold Brick (Actual photo taken from BNT's vault)

  • BNT leading the fans across the Pedestrian Bridge barely beat out Leave The Cement Wall As Is, 19-18%. I found this funny that I was barely ahead (appropriately) of cement.


  • The best suggestion was to unleash the Baylor Art Department on the wall, making it an annual/thematic event.


So, now to the second Poll:

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