Steve Patterson fired at UT

You won't believe who's on the short list to replace him!

I realize this is a Baylor blog, but living in the Austin area, I hear a lot more news about the burnt orange money machine a few miles down the road than about my beloved Bears. I have to come here for sanity and reason (most times).

This is probably a good move for UT because Patterson didn't really do much to ingratiate himself with the locals. He successfully managed to piss off the Austin city council, boosters, alumni, students, sports writers, coaches, and the administration AND faculty. That's no small accomplishment in this town.

This quote from the ESPN article, however, made me laugh...
Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby, ... [is] among the leading candidates to replace Patterson, sources told ESPN's Brett McMurphy.
Bowlsby?!?! Please oh please oh please oh please... Bowlsby for UT AD?

The rest of the Big XII says "YES!"

Granted, all I know of Bowlsby (or care to find out) I've only learned over the last two years. Maybe he's a smart guy, maybe he'd be a good fit, maybe I simply have no idea what I'm talking about... (highly likely).

But the thought that the architect of "One True Champion" isn't immediately disqualified from the running leaves me scratching my head.

From what little I've read/heard, Mack Brown's name is also being tossed around. I don't know his deal with ESPN, but I imagine he's at a point where he's fine being an elder statesman of sorts on TV. Plus, if I'm Coach Strong, I'd be wary of a popular former coach looming over my shoulder.

I haven't bothered to pay much attention to what locals have to say, my talking head of choice doesn't come on until later this afternoon. But, I find the theatrics interesting. Keep Austin Green (and Gold)!

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