2015 ODB Community Projections Discussion

This is how disappointed Briles will be if you don't confine your discussion to this fanpost. - Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Please keep all discussion about the 2015 ODB Community Projections here, so it will be easier for me to compile the projections once they are done. Talk about whatever you want, but do it in here!

If you would, please "rec" this fanpost so that it rises to the stop and stays there throughout the Community Projections. Here is the schedule, and I will link each thread as we get to it on a daily basis:

Monday, 8/10: QB Seth Russell
Tuesday, 8/11: RB Shock Linwood
Wednesday, 8/12: WR Corey Coleman
Thursday, 8/13: WR K.D. Cannon
Friday, 8/14: TEs Trev'von Armstead & LaQuan McGowan

Monday, 8/17: DT Andrew Billings
Tuesday, 8/18: DE Shawn Oakman
Wednesday, 8/19: LB Grant Campbell
Thursday, 8/20: LB Taylor Young OR Aiavion Edwards
Friday, 8/21: CB Xavien Howard
Saturday, 8/22: S Orion Stewart

This is the schedule as of right now, but it might change. We've got about a week of buffer build-in as it stands.

If you want to make an argument for someone else to be included and/or substituted, please do so. Otherwise, the purpose of this fanpost is to give people a place to discuss the ongoing Projections , so that discussion doesn't take place in the Projection threads themselves.

Happy projecting!

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