Thank You Our Daily Bears:

To those of you who have participated in this difficult discussion:

I just wanted to take a moment to thank the members of "Our Daily Bears" for the way they have handled themselves during this difficult time. Without a doubt, this has been a horrendous time for us as Baylor Supporters, however, most have handled themselves with remarkable decorum and restraint. Having been on a number of other blogs in SB Nation, and elsewhere, not all, but in some, there is nothing but shrill derision and an attitude of extreme malicious intent.

The members of this blog have been fair and appropriate, not only in their words but in their attitudes as well. I have not witnessed anyone condoning the actions of SU. Nor have I seen anyone giving the Baylor Administration a free pass.

I have seen an outpouring of concern for the young lady involved, and an honest wish for her recovery and future well being. No one has expressed support for the leaders of our football program or the administration "at all costs". They have simply asked that we allow the facts to come forward before making harmful judgements. Once the facts are known, measures will be taken.

There has even been appropriate concern expressed for SU, where elsewhere, many posts have been malicious and unrelenting in their total disgust for him as some sort of sub-human creature. Don't get me wrong, the act of which he was convicted is horrible and deserving of punishment, and I am not excusing him or his deplorable actions in any way. However, he is a human being who obviously has real problems of a very serious nature, and he truly needs help and our prayers as well.

As a Christian University, we have a duty to reach out to all individuals as directed by our Commission, and as Christian individuals, we truly have no choice but to pray for all involved, and to treat them as we would hope to be treated.

We cannot expect those in other environs to understand this attitude, and we can expect to be ridiculed for it. I am not a martyr, but I do understand that the ways of "The World" do not necessarily run parallel to ours.

Not everyone will necessarily agree with everything that I have said here, but I am grateful that, on this blog, I can reflect, and I can express my heartfelt beliefs without expecting a backlash of derogatory personal comments, nor be chastised for how I feel. This is what makes the people of Baylor different and, in my humble opinion, those with whom I wish to associate.

Thank you.

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