Baylor Pre-Season Hype Video Review

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Bear emotions permeate this season's bumper crop of pre-season hype videos. My favorite is Ted Harrison's @tedvid production of "Right Now" and some of these others are also truly amazing and certainly creative. Vote for your favorite in the poll below. Here's a list of links so that you can watch them all again at your convenience. If I missed one, please do not hesitate to add it in the comments.

Right Now - by Ted Harrison

34 Days - by Elizabeth Sherman

In Pursuit of Perfection - by Taylor Hobart

Jurassic Waco - by Reid Watson

"Get Ready"- by Jacob Kurlan

Baylor Rising - by c3ills

Glory- by Baylor Bears

#3PEAT - by Will Clemons

#EnjoyTheLight- by Reid Watson

2015 Overture - by Kevin Sikes

Gold - by B Rae

Come and Take It- by James Duncan

Baylor Suicide Squad- by Evan Ward

So It Begins - by Baylor Bears

Baylor Football, Baylor's Way - BaylorAthletics

ODB's XFerrari_61-58 was an inspiration in compiling this post.

Late entrant dark horses: True Detective - by Sean Cordy; and Baylor Wars: The Bear Awakens - by Daniel Shuman.

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