Tribute to The Great Coach Art Briles, We Support You Coach, Now Go Kick Some Mustang A....

Amidst all the bruhaha I've noticed a consistency of former players and associates pitching in their praise and support of The Great Coach Briles. I've tried to collect the ones I know about and place them here in this FanPost. If you know of more, please add them in the comments. Please, ABSOLUTELY NO DISCUSSION HERE OF RECENT MATTERS ABOUT WE KNOW WHAT because if you do, I'll ask the cleaners to remove it. Please feel free to rec up this post so that this love and support will wave high over the ODB FanPosts (even if for just two weeks) just as Coach Art Briles stands high in our estimation of him which I'm sure but I still pray will last forever. I'll regularly go through the comments and transport your gems into the body of this FanPost. These first three are posted by ODB's J.A.GRACE.

Tony Heath (posted by Aqua): First of all, Art Briles doesn’t need anyone to defend him, his record as a coach and man speaks for itself. And, I don’t care who is questioning Art Briles, I have another player, Kendall Erlich at Baylor, Coach (Briles) is a man of great integrity and I trust my players in his program.

Coach Phillip Montgomery (from Tulsa World): "(The Great Coach Art Briles has) been a mentor of mine, but more than anything else he's a great friend and he's a great man, and I don't think anybody can ever attack his character."

The Great Coach Art Briles Stands mighty high in our estimation and we'll defend him like Old Glory. Thanks Coach, for being the standard. 1048_Battle-at-Fort-McHenry-628x350.0.jpg

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