Reality Check: Best D in CAB era but least talented QB in CAB era

I love Baylor, I hope we threepeat and go into the CFP guns a blazing.

In the CAB era, the defense has always, always lagged behind the offense. But this year, the defense is great and even elite by big 12 standards. If we had this defense last year, we probably win a Natty.

It's frustrating as a fan to get such a great defense and go into the season with the biggest questionmark at QB. I don't think Russell will be an elite QB because he hasn't given me any reason to believe he will be an elite QB. His performance against Texas Tech (not exactly the Monsters of the Midway) only reinforces this assessment. Now reports from practices are saying he is not accurate with the ball.

We need to come to grips with reality and relax our expectations with Russell. We are Elite enough with RB and WR to help cover up his inaccuracy problems but schools will force him to use his arm to beat us. We need to support the guy but we look silly making excuses for a QB we know is not elite.

in other words: Russell is not a Hesiman Candidate and that's ok. Temper your expectations accordingly.

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