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Baseball Coaching Search Hits a Snag

Everything is not awesome

As everyone who even tangentially follows college baseball, or Baylor Athletics for that matter, knows, Baylor AD Ian McCaw fired Steve Smith after 21 years of leadership at the end of the 2015 baseball season. After missing the NCAA regionals for the third straight years, even some of the most staunch supporters of Smith's baseball program were hard pressed to question the move assuming a plan was in place. You know, because McCaw has earned Baylor Fans' almost unquestioned confidence.

Many close to the process have been supremely confident that Dan Heefner was the number one priority and all but a lock to take over the baseball program for the Bears. Today, it has been learned that he will remain at DBU. This, after we learned that Walton, the Oklahoma State pitching coach, also removed his name from consideration. And, as far as anyone knows, Houston's Todd Whitting and UT's Skip Johnson, names you may remember were on my original shortlist (not that it matters who I think should be candidates) to replace Smith, have not even interviewed. What's more is Mitch Thompson took to twitter yesterday to refute rumors that he had interviewed for the opening.

There is little doubt that Baylor will find a very good baseball coach. However, we are replacing an icon, the most successful baseball coach in Baylor history. To fire him without having a solid plan in place is certainly not what fans of the beleaguered baseball program were expecting.

Ian certainly has earned the benefit of the doubt, but fans of Baylor baseball are becoming uneasy as they await an announcement.