Baylor Youth Football Camp

Thought this might be of some general interest. My 13 year old, and two of his friends, attended the Baylor Youth Football Camp last week. It was three days, and they stayed in the dorm, and ate in the cafeteria. All three boys had a great time.

Now, the dorm they were in was Martin, which is not that great, but if you were Baylor, where would you put a bunch of high energy jr. high boys? Exactly, that’s what I thought. They ate in Penland, and of course (jr. high boys, remember?) loved the ‘all you can eat’ aspect.

They had sessions at both the outdoor, and indoor practice fields, and even on the main field at McLane. They split up in to position groups, and the coaches split up and worked with them on various drills. Of course, they coaches for this camp were all the younger ones, but one boy in our group, who is a defensive lineman, said that none other than Phil Bennett was working with them at one point.

Part of the camp was having their picture made with Art Briles, and a couple of Big 12 trophies, oh, and throw in a Heisman Trophy while you’re at it. The boys were given this picture as a nice 8x10 the next day when they checked out of camp.

The last session of the camp, was on the main field at McLane, so when the parents came to pick up their son, we all got to go out of the field as well. That was a neat experience for us as well. Boys got a tour of the stadium, and were really! impressed with the locker room. They said it was a lot bigger in person, than it looks in the pictures they had seen.

As we were leaving Coach Briles wandered out, and we had an opportunity to talk to him. I introduced him to my son, by saying, ‘Let me introduce you to your first 2020 commit.’ He laughed and was real friendly. He found out we were ST holders, and he genuinely thanked us for that. Seems that support from the base must really mean a lot to him.

Overall, a great experience for the boys. They loved all the coaches, learned things in the drills, had fun, and were completely wore out by the end. Never hurts to start the brainwashing young! Sic’Em

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