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Coach Smith Officially Will Not Return for 2016

This one hurts...

Reuben Canales/Getty Images

I had planned to do a post mortem on the season soon. I didn't realize I would also have to work on a post mortem of the arguably the most successful baseball coach in the Big 12's existence, and certainly Baylor's most successful baseball coach... not to mention a good guy who is surrounded by other great guys on the staff.

Official Announcement

I am on my way to church services now, but will address the matter later. Most likely tomorrow.

Sic 'Em Coach Smith, wherever you land.

Seymour Update:

Rather than do another thread in addition to this one, I'm going to leave this one up to let Paul come back later and add more thoughts he might have.  In the meantime, I'm curious where people think we might go to find our next baseball coach.  We haven't had to do this in a little over two decades, so I'm not sure where we even begin.  I see a lot of people saying Dan Heefner, the coach of DBU just up the road, based on his success there, but I don't know if he'd actually look.  Is that enough of an upgrade to lure someone like him, or should we be looking elsewhere?

Give us your thoughts in the comments.  Also, just to echo what Paul said: I've never spoken with a single person who thought Steve Smith was anything but a good guy.  Obviously that doesn't mean he gets to coach forever if the results aren't there, but I'm definitely not celebrating this as some kind of victory.  You can, certainly, if you like.  I won't.  I get why this needed to happen and agree with the decision, but I can't be crazy happy about it yet.