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Final Big XII Series

UT is coming to town... and the only suspense left is if the Bears can make the conference tournament

Sad Baseball is Sad
Sad Baseball is Sad
Chicago Mag

This weekend has been circled on my calendar for months. I had planned to take a friend who went to UT with his kids to enjoy the park and festivities... With no sense of expectation left for either team, we opted against the 4+ hour drive each way.

It seems we peaked at the beginning of the season, against teams that turned out to be mediocre at best. Yada yada yada. I feel like Harry Doyle doing post game wrap up. The only suspense left in the season is waiting to see if Baylor can stay out of the cellar. Kansas got drubbed by KState tonight leaving them at 7-14 in conference play while the Bears sit at 8-13.

This season has not been fun at all to cover.