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Monday DBR: Trophies

Baylor got trophies this weekend.

Blair Shankle doing tennis things
Blair Shankle doing tennis things
Matthew Minard

A&T Wins NCATA National Championship

After taking home a litany of individual championships on Thursday, Baylor finished their complete domination of NCATA Nationals over the weekend, culminating in a national championship victory over Oregon.Felicia Mulkey's first year in Waco brought a national championship to Baylor in a fledgling sport. We're all extremely proud of the program's meteoric rise and hope to see many more titles in the future.

Having watched a few A&T competitions over the last two years, I can confirm that it's a very serious sport, blending elements of competitive cheerleading, gymnastics, and martial arts, and the girls involved have more strength in one leg than I do in my entire body.

Women's Tennis Wins Big 12 Tournament

Women's Tennis completed their domination of the Big 12 with a shutout of Texas Tech on Sunday. Things started to look dicey when Tech jumped out to a lead on five courts in set one, but almost every Baylor player fought back to take the first set and completed the shutout soon after. Baylor left no doubt about their status as the top program in the Big 12 and one of the top contenders for a national championship next month.

Oklahoma Edges Men's Tennis for Big 12 Tournament Win

I watched the live stream, and there was some incredible tennis going on between No. 1 OU and No. 2 Baylor at the Hurd yesterday afternoon. The match ended up taking more than five hours to do several weather delays, but the commentators agreed that it was probably the best collegiate match of the year so far. Baylor lost the doubles point, a rare event, but went on to tie the overall score 3-3 with Matt Zsiga's third set win. It came down to Felipe Rios, who came back to win his second set and at one point led his third, but Rios simply ran out of energy and placed a few bad balls to help Oklahoma seal it. Like the commentators said, I somehow doubt this is the last Baylor and Oklahoma have seen of each other this year, as they will go into Nationals with the top two seeds.

Women's Golf Wins Big 12 Title

Look, another trophy. Baylor Women's Golf took their first ever Big 12 title on Sunday, winning in dominating fashion by 12 strokes. Laura Lonardi finished tied for first individually in the win. The finishing order was as follows:

  1. Baylor +3
  2. Texas Tech +15
  3. TCU +16
  4. Iowa State +17
  5. Oklahoma State +20
  6. Texas +23
  7. Oklahoma +30
  8. Kansas +42
  9. Kansas State +46

Softball Wins Iowa State Series

It was Kaitlyn Thumann and Jordan Strickland's last game in Waco on Sunday, and Baylor ended up taking the home series against Iowa State on senior night to give Glenn Moore his 600th win at Baylor. Congrats to all three on their accomplishments.

Baylor won 6-0 to win the series 2-1, and Linsey Hays hit her eighth home run of the year. Shelby Friudenberg also put up her fifteenth home run of the season on Saturday. She hates pitchers.

Baseball Drops K-State Series

The disappointments keep coming. Baylor's first series win in weeks was in front of them on a silver platter- the Bears led 3-1 in the seventh in game three with a real shot at taking it home, but Kansas State somehow squeezed five runs out of two innings after a rain delay to take the series and seal Baylor in as the bottom team in the conference. It's not good, buys.

The Daily Bear

Guys, I'm getting homesick. I'm about to go to a farmer's market to look for fresh jalapeños in the middle of Germany because I've taken it upon myself to try to reverse engineer the entire George's menu. Have a killer Monday.