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Game 26: #20 Baylor Bears vs Texas Tech Red Raiders

The Bears are in Lubbock to take on the Red Raiders. Finally.

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No. 20 Baylor (18-7, 6-6) at Texas Tech (12-14, 2-11)
Feb. 17, 2015 | 6:00 p.m. CT
Lubbock, Texas | United Supermarkets Arena (15,000)

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Radio: ESPN Central Texas
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Twitter: @BaylorMBB | #SicTech

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Today is a busy day, unfortunately, so the game thread will be sparse on preview. I'll give you the basics, though. Baylor is a good team and should win. Tech is a not so good team that is nonetheless capable of winning. Baylor is good at defense and pretty good at scoring. Tech is bad at defense and mostly bad at scoring, although they do get to the foul line pretty well. Simple, really. If Baylor doesn't win, this will be very disappointing.

If you want more detailed information, I suggest you check out the Q&A with Viva The Matadors that went up earlier today, as well as its counterpart over on VtM's site, which this week was particularly broad, discussing the way that Drew has built this Baylor program, how it has changed from last season, who has emerged as the most important players on the team, and the quirky schedule.

Quick Keys

1.) Limiting extra opportunities: Tech is not particularly efficient, but given enough opportunities, they could still get some stuff done. Baylor will need to keep turnovers and 2nd chance points to a minimum to keep Tech and the rowdy Raider crowd at bay.

2.) Energy: Energy was a problem against Oklahoma State last Monday, and after a letdown in Lawrence might be an issue going up against the Big 12's weakest team. The Bears have had great energy on the road this season, though, and I expect Drew will get his guys up and ready to play hard from the tip.

3.) Keep Texas Tech out of rhythm by pressuring without fouling. The one area where Tech is above average in the Big 12 is getting to the free throw line. They rank 3rd in FTA/FGA. If Baylor can get keep Tech's shooters off the line and prevent them from finding a shooting rhythm, it's hard to see Tech finding enough offense to hang for very long.


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Baylor comes out strong, Tech keeps in close in the first half, and Baylor pulls away in the 2nd half, winning by double-digits to cover the -9 spread. Baylor 79 - Texas Tech 65.

Join in the comments for the game! Hopefully it will be fun!