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Campus Chronicles 13: Ease on Down the Road

We're back and better than ever for another week of Campus Chronicles. We go over everything from Christmas on 5th to finals to the best offense Baylor can run without a quarterback.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Hey! I own the light and I don't need no help! Gotta be the feeling that Scarface felt. Stuntin gone wild, can't handle thisplaya.L ife of the club arrogant like YEAH! Talk like money all the girls just melt! One too/one-two many all on me like 12! Look like cash and they all just stare! Bottles, models, standin on chairs. Ball out cause that's the business. All out, it's so ridiclous. Zone out, so much attention. Scream out, I'm IN THE BUILDING - HEY! They watchin, I know this, I'm rockin, I'm rollin, I'm holdin, I know it, you know it!

Hellooooooooo Baylor Nation! Did you miss us? We missed you. We apologize for going almost a month without getting a Campus Chronicle to you! That's mostly on me. I've been telling myself (and JP) that I'd be able to sit down and get up a post for weeks and I just haven't had time with everything going on. Finals are coming up and the semester is winding down so there has been a lot of homework to be done. This one was supposed to be coming to you on Friday and JP was able to actually do it when he was supposed to unlike me so this may be a little awkward given the events of yesterday but I will post JP's original CC as it was meant to be. My post will reflect on the events of yesterday. Sorry again for the long break.

Jam of the Week

We're playing in the Russell Athletic Bowl which is in Orlando, Florida. I don't know many songs about Florida but this one is by Flo Rida. We were originally going to use Pour Some Sugar on Me but...that'd be awkward now.

jpbales's week

What up Baylor nation? This is the man, jpbales. Who is amped for the game on Saturday against Texas Longhorns? If you aren’t you can just get out the heck off this website, you’re not welcome here you hear? Now I know campus has been a bit down since the game last Friday, but Baylor football is 9-2 with a win on Saturday getting them into the Sugar Bowl and giving us the opportunity to have the best season ever in the Art Briles era! It’s supposed to be beautiful on Saturday, the Nissan Heisman House is coming to Baylor, the tailgating will be great, and the game kicks off at… wait are you kidding me? 11 AM! 11 Freaking AM. No wait, I’m going to be positive. Here’s a motivational speech for the players that I just thought of myself and went back in time and had Billy Bob Thornton perform it just for our players.

WOW! That got me pumped, I would go through a wall for that speech! If you don’t shed at least one tear and then go to a gym and lift a million pounds, you don’t really understand what it means to feel and I don’t trust you. Here’s what’s been happening on campus since the last chronicle.

The Highlights

We beat the hell out of Oklahoma State in Stillwater! I watched it at the Tri-Delt watch party, there was Vitek’s barbeque and the craziest popsicle salesman of all time there. (It was less than fifty degrees.) I heard he sold fourteen popsicles, that might be the best salesman of all time. Go Pro-Sales or go home. By the way if you were the company Go Pro and you were trying to convince Pro-Sales majors to work for your company would your slogan be "Go GoPro Pro-Sales." And with that, I just delivered the worst joke in OurDailyBears history.

We all went home and ate some serious food for Thanksgiving. My dad smoked an amazing turkey, he’ll love that I said that because my dad fishes for compliments like its his source of life.

I watched a football game on Friday. Nothing significant happened. I’m not even sure football matters. I mean really who cares about sports anyways.

Came back and school was like, happy Thanksgiving, I hope you’re thankful for tests cause here’s all of them.

LordHinton and I had a marketing presentation, we got a 84. Here’s a list of things that are bigger travesties than that.

1. Nothing.

We got screwed. That grade was like giving this an 84.

Come to the game, get loud, get proud, and eat burgers on Saturday.

lord.hinton's week

My Monday was pretty lame. Not a lot went on other than preparations for Tuesday.

Tuesday was INSANE! 11 AM: Finance Final which felt like the closest I've ever come to encountering death. My professor had hip replacement surgery scheduled for Wednesday so we took our final on Tuesday so he could be done with school and rest up until next semester. Praying for ya Dr. Potts. We'll find out how I did later, but I don't think it went well. At least I'm done with Finance forever.

12:30 PM: Group presentation for Business Writing which went...okay. I got an 84 for my part of the presentation. Whaaaaaaatever.

2:00 PM: Group presentation for Marketing. As jp already mentioned, WE WAS ROBBED! 84? 84? Huh? After all semester telling us we were the best group you just randomly gonna give us an 84 when the class average was higher than that? That's some Playoff Committee level foolishness right there. I feel so betrayed. I'll never shop at H-E-B again.

Wednesday was light once again. Just a lot of stress about the events of Tuesday.

Thursday was Christmas on 5th which is one of my favorite Baylor traditions. I can't really tell you why. On the surface t's a lot of waiting around for stuff that's not really that exciting like petting goats and watching lights turn on. But still I love it. It's a lot of fun and something about celebrating Christmas with thousands of my closest friends just gives me the warm fuzzies.

Friday I watched The Wiz online after NBC put it on Thursday night during Christmas on 5th. It was amazing. The cast was excellent and it was all really well done. Mary J Blige and Queen Latifah are 2 of my favorite celebrities. I've loved Ne-Yo's voice since I was in like 4th grade. Elijah Kelly was wonderful. I loved it is what I'm trying to say. If you haven't seen it yet you need to. And don't come at me with that foolishness about this being an all black cast.

Saturday we all know by now what happened. Even though we lost our second consecutive home game I could not be any more proud of this team had we won. The 1st half of that game was a complete mess and we seemed to have no direction and no pride in ourselves. It all started to change after that brawl. UT players (more than 1) shoved Lynx Hawthorne while he was down and alone on their sideline and we weren't having it. Say what you want but I hope that is our response every single time. We got angry after that and our defense showed up again. Then we just had to wait until halftime for us to figure out what we were doing on offense. And boy did we ever.

Art Briles: finds out we won't have a QB and our top 2 running backs are down.

Art Briles: "I got this"

Art Briles: "WILDBEAR FOR EVERYBODY! You get a direct snap! You get a direct snap! You get a direct snap! EVERYBODY GETS DIRECT SNAPS!"

Johnny Jefferson and Terrance Williams got to show off their skills in the second half due to injuries and boy did they ball out. I was so happy for Johnny especially. He had a long touchdown and a lot of yards and he's been patiently waiting for his shot behind Shock and Devin for 3 years now and he finally got his chance. Hate that it all fell apart for him at the end but hey, it was still a hell of a game and he has nothing to be ashamed of and neither does this team.

You pick any other team out of the top 25 and tell me how many of them pull off what we did yesterday which was fight back in to a blowout game and make it come all the way down to the end. Lynx Hawthorne has onions the size of monster truck tires for going out there and playing QB against a ferocious defense after not having done it for years and he deserves a lot of credit even though we came out on the wrong end this week.

There's so much more I can say about what happened yesterday. I haven't even mentioned Corey deciding to go pro. But we'll discuss it all later.

This season will always be one marked with what-ifs. How could it not be? We looked like the best team in the country until a freak neck injury to our QB happened and then we were hanging with the #4 team in the country when his replacement got injured. And then beat a top 10 team we haven't beaten on the road since 1939 with our 3rd string. And then we lost that guy and almost won with WRs and QBs taking direct snaps for an entire half of football.

Don't hang your head Baylor Nation. With fight like that and a clean bill of health next year we're right back in the Big 12 and National title chases.

Shoutout to everyone that was in attendance for the game yesterday and stayed the entire time. The crowd stayed full and was as loud as it's ever been towards the end of the game.

There you have it folks. Another week on Baylor's beautiful campus in the books! Hope you enjoyed it. As always leave any questions in the comments so I can answer em next week!

May the afar flung green and gold guide and protect us as we onward go down this Good Ole Baylor Line. See ya next week guys!