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CFB Playoff 2015: New Year's Eve Open Thread

There's games on tonight, boys and girls. Let's party like it's ... still 2015 for a few hours!

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Both of today's major games (sorry, Houston) are being televised on ESPN.  Oklahoma vs. Clemson will kick off at 3 PM, apparently, while Alabama vs. Michigan State will begin at 7.  There's a great preview/whatever post on our front page right now from the mothership talking about everything those games have to offer.

For my part, I'll be rooting for Oklahoma (despite liking Baker Mayfield less now than ever before)* and Michigan State, although I don't think Michigan State is going to win.  I feel good about the Sooners, even though they lose their best DL to a concussion suffered in practice earlier this week.  That'll sting.

*Because it will help the Big 12 as a whole.

In something completely unrelated (because I need to get to 150 characters):

That's pretty neat, obviously.

Once again, the games on are ESPN and will start at 3 and 7.  Vote in the poll below to let everyone know who will win!