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Big 12 Power Rankings: Week Nine

The November gauntlet has arrived. Where does Baylor sit as they head into the meat of their schedule?

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Tennant was busy this week, so he graciously gifted me the task of handling the power rankings. Let's go!

Here are last week's rankings.

1. Baylor Bears (+0)

Baylor absolutely pummeled BYE. Shoutout to BYE for hanging in there for a quarter, but McLane was lit. #InvisibleOut was a huge success; we couldn't see any of you.

2. TCU Horned Frogs (+0)

I give the Frogs ALL the credit in the world for beating West Virginia the way they did. The defense looked immensely better than it has in most of TCU's other games, and Boykin to Doctson might be the scariest combo in the country.

3. Oklahoma Sooners (+0)

Don't ask me how this team lost to Texas. I don't know.

4. Oklahoma State Cowboys (+0)

The Cowboys got plastered by Tech's high-powered offense on Saturday, but Tech's lack of... uh, a defense, proved to benefit an OSU offense that was already dangerous. Although this team still has many questions yet to be answered, 8-0 heading into November and scoring 70 points on a conference opponent on the road is pretty impressive.

5. Texas Tech Red Raiders (+1)

Tech's defense is horrendously abhorrent, but their offense alllllmooooost makes up for it. Emphasis on "almost".

6. West Virginia Mountaineers (-1)

Not many people picked WVU to upset the Frogs, and the Eers proved why on Thursday. West Virginia must've dropped four or five passes that could've been monstrous gains, if not touchdowns. They ran out of steam and got beat down, and after a 3-0 start to the season and a Top 25 ranking, WVU has lost their only four conference games so far. Hologram has work to do.

7. Kansas State Wildcats (+1)

No, the Snydercats didn't do anything to deserve getting bumped up, but Ol' Bill can never be underestimated. And, also, they got bumped because Texas lost to Iowa State. Speaking of...

8. Iowa State Cyclones (+1)

IOWA STATE SHUTOUT THE TEXAS LONGHORNS. Yeah. That happened. The most valuable program in the state, the conference, and ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL just went to Ames and lost 24-0. Most importantly, this will go down as one of the biggest wins for ISU under Paul Rhoads, whom we all love, so good for him.

9. Texas Longhorns (-2)


If you're a fan of the TV Show Parks and Recreation, you'll recall the episode where the town of Pawnee celebrates the annual tradition of "Ted Day", where the ruthless citizens of the town throw a guy named Ted in a lake, despite his pleas to put him down. The people cheer and hoot as they pick up Ted and toss him into the cold water against his will. This is how I imagine the Big 12 treating Texas right now. You are Ted, Texas. Tedxas.

10. Kansas Jayhawks (+0)

Kansas plays Texas this week. And they actually stand a chance. That's how awful Texas is. Could you imagine KU waltzing into Austin and somehow knocking off the Horns? Man.