ODB's PREDICT THE SCORE game - season-to-date results through TCU

The second season for the "Predict the Score" game is over and no one was close to predicting the outcome of that game. Minor chaos has ensued. No one here is excited with that outcome but three of us do get a very modest silver lining. Congratulations to the Final Four additions of GeorgiaBear, beefsurpreme*, and beardoug1! They join C5O for the playoffs. They will square off in picking the UT game with the survivors picking our bowl game for the overall ODB Predict-the-Score Championship.

Everybody is still welcome to continue guessing next week as anyone may earn the bragging rights for having one the week with the best projection but the Final Four will have their own private game going on as we move to crown our one true champion.



Week 1 winner (SMU, 56-21): Redbeard25, (predicted 56-21, perfect prediction)

Week 2 winner (Lamar, 66-31): Creasey, (predicted 63-27, seven point variance)

Week 3 winners (Rice, 70-17): Ace22BU and Gleitz, (predicted 70-17, perfect predictions)

Week 4 winners (TTU, 63-35): brandyisme, Bryan Desjardins, kurt_terry, and lisahi (predicted 63-35, perfect predictions)

Week 5 winner (KU, 66-7): goldenwave91 (predicted 66-7, perfect prediction)

Week 6 winner (WVU, 62-38): OsoProf (predicted 63-38, 1 point variance)

Week 7 winner (ISU, 45-27): Ostentatious (predicted 51-24. 9 point variance)

Week 8 winner (KSU, 31-24): Georgia Bear (predicted 35-21, 7 point variance)

Week 9 winner (OU, 34-44); dougernaut (predicted 34-40, 4 point variance)

Week 10 winner (OSU, 45-35); Hyork11 (predicted 45-35, perfect prediction)

Week 11 winner (TCU, 21-28): Georgia Bear (predicted 30-24, 13 point variance)

Well done to all!


CONFERENCE RESULTS are FINAL (predicted the TTU through TCU games)

A shuffle at the top and beardoug1 moves from 9th to 3rd to grab a spot in the playoffs. Congratulations to GeorgiaBear in earning the "second season" championship.

1. Geargia Bear, 106 variance

2. beefsupreme*, 115 variance

3. beardoug1, 116 variance

4. Hyork11, 119 variance (first alternate)

5. BR-BU, 122 variance (second alternate)

6. The Shootist Bear, 126 variance

T7. brownbw, 128 variance

T7. TGiBears, 128 variance

9. gjeffrey, 129 variance

10. Aqua, 132 variance



Prediction Playoff Position #1: GeorgiaBear (Conference-Prediction Champion) v.

Prediction Playoff Position #4: beardoug1 (Conference-Prediction Third Place)

Prediction Playoff Position #3: beefsurpreme* (Conference-Prediction Second Place) v.

Prediction Playoff Position #2: C5O (non-Conference-Prediction Champion)

When the "Prediction" article goes up for the UT game, you four please put in your score the portal and do not post the score in the comments so as to not give away your selection to your opponent. Should I not get a prediction from one of the contestants, I will sub in an alternate opponent. I will post everyone's predicted scores after the game has started.


BEST OVERALL AVERAGE VARIANCE (predicted any eight games (minimum))

1. Georgia Bear, 13.4

2. C5O,14.8

3. beefsupreme*, 14.9

4. BR-BU, 15.3

T5. gjeffrey,15.6

T5. Hyork11, 15.6

7. PoppyBear, 15.7

8. TGiBears, 15.8

9. Aqua, 16.2

T10. Redbeard25, 16.3

T10. beardoug1, 16.3



We had a large number of people join the game after the first week which created a potential issue of how to keep the game interesting all season if only a handful of people played every week and still keep it fair for all. So here is what I chose to do as host of the game. As always, anyone and everyone can play each week and claim some bragging rights by winning any one week.


Layered on top of the weekly contests, I took a cue from the NCAA D1 Football and NASCAR. There have been two seasons, the first was Baylor's three-game non-con games and the second was Baylor's Big XII conference season through the TCU game. The person with the best cumulative variance after the Rice game won the non-Con season (winner was C5O). Then a new season ran Texas Tech through TCU and the best cumulative variance won the conference season (must play every game). Then comes the playoffs for the University of Texas game and the Playoff/Bowl game. Like NASCAR, everyone still plays and anyone could win the week during the two pick 'em playoff weeks. For the UT game, the conference season champ will be seeded #1 and the non-con champ will be seeded #2. The second and third best variances from the conference season will fill in the final two seeds (after the non-con champ should they fill any of the first three spots for the regular season, too). For the UT game, #1 will be head-to-head v. #4 and #2 v. #3. The winners of the head-to-head will go for the overall Pick 'em Championship in the Playoff/Bowl game. Any questions? Put them in the comments.


I will maintain the updated results throughout the Fall in a Fan Post like this one. I will post the week-to-week detailed results in separate Fan Posts.


Disclaimer....I have found it not uncommon for folks to input a score into the poll portal and then immediate put a different score in the comments section of the Fan Post. In this case, I go with the publicly posted numbers. Also, there are a number of folks who play who are not common commenters (which is great!) but I do not have anything official to validate names against. Some of the names typed in week to week have amazing similarities but are not the exact same. I'm doing the best I can. Thanks for your understanding.

Fanposts on ODB are user-submitted and do not necessarily reflect the opinions/views of, SB, or any of the writers, editors, or contributors here.