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CFB Week 11 -- ESPN College GameDay Open Thread

Talk about everything ESPN GameDay here!

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

As I mentioned in the post about an hour ago, I won't actually be here for the thread today.  That opens things up for any contributor here on ODB to alter this post and add new tweets, signs, whatever you want.  Have a ball.

One thing I did want to post, in case people haven't seen it:

I'll do everything I can to get that Rinaldi video posted in its entirety whenever I can.

Seriously, if you guys see something worth posting on this thread, post it!  You might catch things I don't, since I'll be on my phone, or that other people want to see!

After College GameDay itself ends, we'll have another Open Thread later before our game.  That way, we're covered for the entire day.