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Campus Chronicles 10: Keep on Trucking

Matt McBeezy is bowing out of Chronicles. But just as the football team must carry on without one of its leaders, so must Campus Chronicles

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Here's the thing, we started out friends. It was cool but it was all preten-end. Yea yeah. Since you been gone. You dedicated, you took the time. Wasn't long before I called you mi-ine. Yea yeah. Since you been gone. And all you'd ever hear me say was how I pictured me with you. That's all you'd ever hear me say. But SINCE YOU BEEN GOOOOOOONE! I CAN BREATHE FOR THE FIRST TIME! I'M SO MOVING OOOOOOOON YEAA YEAAAH. THANKS TO YO, NOW I GET WHAT I WAAAAAAAANT. Since you been gone.

Hellooooooooooooooooo Baylor Nation. Welcome back for another week of Campus Chronicles. Unfortunately, Matt McBeezy will not be joining us from here on out as he is stepping back from Campus Chronicles in order to focus on his studies. Shout out to Matt for hanging with us this long and helping get this new feature going. We will seek out a replacement. But in the meantime I will hold it down solo. Let's get to it. (This jam of the week is not shade at Matt. I just really like this song.)

Jam of the Week

My Week

So I'll tell you guys a little about the Homecoming experience this year. Not a lot to tell with the bonfire and parade being canceled. Seemed like a lot of people decided not to make the trip to Waco because of the rain.

Briefly after posting last week's CC I attended the Rosenbaum Fountain Dedication on Friday with StuFu. It was pretty nifty. Dr. Rosenbaum and his family and friends were there, as was Judge Starr who spoke briefly along with Miss Dallas 2016 and Baylor student Brittany Tew. On Saturday since the parade was canceled I woke up at a reasonable hour and went to the StuFu ALumni gathering at Crenshaw. Quite a few alumni came by but it seemed like a few more didn't make it cause of the rain. Then at the actual game the #StripeMclane effort was shut down by the rain as most of the money side fans (across from the student section not behind it) were either not in attendance, not in their seats, or just in a gold poncho regardless of what color they were supposed to be in. But hey, it's all good. The game was still a lot of fun and we got another win.

Speaking of that win, Baylor looked ridiculously mega awesome in the first half but not so much in the second. I think we all have our guesses why that is since it's been over a week and we've all done a lot of talking about what happened that day. What happened that day (Seth's injury obviously) has been dominating casual campus conversation all week. "Do you think we'll be okay without Seth?" "Can we still beat TCU?" "What about OSU? We've never won there." I've said since day one of this season that we goin to the ship and I still wholeheartedly #BelieveThat.

Speaking of, that video you've all seen by now from Tedvid is hot in these streets. I've watched it at least 17 times already and have seen countless others in the business school huddled around macbooks and iphones watching and sharing it. It's so good. Here it is again for your viewing pleasure. That sequence towards the beginning where there's a  "woo" right before the cut to the team jogging out through the tunnel gets me every single time.

Not a lot of stuff to report from this week other than a project in Employment Law (my partner and I had to write a 5 page paper, 2 pages of policies and procedures, and give a 10 minute presentation all on Equal Pay) that was due on Wednesday, my marketing test on Thursday, and the fact that everybody went home to their Momma this weekend because it's Fall Break. By the way, college pro tip: call your mom. She misses ya, ya doof.

Also I've been hearing a rumor from some greek life folks that the parade is happening before the Oklahoma BlackOUt game which would be super dope but I haven't seen this officially anywhere. Be on the lookout.

Also if you're a student interested in taking over for McBeezy on the weekly Campus Chronicle go ahead and slide into my DMs on Twitter and we will talk about it.

There you have it folks. Another week on Baylor's beautiful campus in the books! Hope you enjoyed it. As always leave any questions in the comments so I can answer em next week!

May the afar flung green and gold guide and protect us as we onward go down this Good Ole Baylor Line. See ya next week guys!