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Podcast Episode 83: We Love Seth Russell

Mark and Peter discuss the devastating injury to Seth Russell, the Iowa State game, Jarrett Stidham, and more on this week's recap episode of the podcast.

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I have to say, this podcast was probably the hardest to name in all of the 83 episodes that we've done yet. Of course, the big news that dominates this episode is the Seth Russell news, and we're devoting the lion's share of this episode to his injury and the ramifications that it carries for this football team.

We spend quite a lot of time talking about the team, what it does going forward, and the new starting quarterback, Jarrett Stidham. But let me be clear: none of it is meant to detract from how we feel about Seth, his contributions to this team thus far, just how devastated we feel about his injury, or the fact that our prayers are with him for every stage of his recovery. We pray for a successful surgery, a swift and complete recovery, and a return to action whenever it is possible. That being said, we're still looking at what Jarrett Stidham will bring to the table, the challenges facing this team for the rest of the season, and the outlook moving forward. We do our best to discuss the Iowa State game also, which, to be perfectly honest, was the ugliest win of the season even if you take out the injury to Russell. Couple it with the injury, and it just makes for one difficult game to discuss.


We briefly discuss it in the podcast, but it's really worth mentioning here. If you don't know, Oklahoma State had their homecoming this past weekend also. Four lost their lives in a tragic accident at the Cowboys' homecoming parade. We stand with our Big 12 Brethren, and our sister site Cowboys Ride for Free has a post up about what you can do to help. There are several links for donations, and we encourage you to check those out.

Oh Yeah, One More Thing

Because Ted likes to upstage the podcast, he's dropping a hype video today. Trust me, you're not going to want to miss this one. It's lit, as the kids say.

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