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Daily Bears Report: Monday, October 26

This is a happy place. We only talk about happy things here.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

The DBR is a tad late today because of obvious news. I won't rehash everything else happening in the Baylor sports universe, I will only talk about happy things.


Katie Daigle & Lauren Piercy both scored goals to lead the Bears over Texas, Sunday night. Baylor Soccer moves to 9-5-2 overall and 4-1-1. Sic 'Em!


The Lady Bears fell to Iowa State, but the evening was a net-win. Do you I mean I can expl...ok.

Daily Briles Report

He works hard. Also, a 15-minute web series of TGCAB having heated discussions with his outdated Garmin would really be the best part of my week.


Mark Mangino is gone at Iowa State.

The offensive coordinator had only coached in Ames since January of last year. The communication of the change was also curious...

Halloween Festivities @ McLane Stadium

Sounds like fun! But hear me out: Open a haunted house, but instead of like... bloody chainsaw clowns, its just rooms full of projectors showing Kevin Steele YouTube videos. Scary right?

Let me know if I missed anything.