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Daily Bears Report: Thursday, October 22

Thursday is really just like the fourth Monday in a row.

Scott Drew is mattisbear's spirit animal, probably.
Scott Drew is mattisbear's spirit animal, probably.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports


Randy Clements does kinda... Anyway, good stuff here. I even learned something.

If you are headed to Homecoming this weekend, you've probably heard rain is likely.

"But Matt, how do I stripe the stadium and still remain the fashionista I am proud to be?"

I don't know, but a lot of people are finding green and/or gold ponchos at either Academy or your local sporting goods store. That might be a good start.

Men's Basketball @ Media Day

Scott Drew, Rico Gathers, Taurean Prince and Ishmail Wainright all traveled up to Kansas City for Big XII Media Day. I like to imagine them all piled into one small sedan with Ish driving, the rest of the guys in the back, and these beauties riding safely buckled up in the front seat.

Ish Wainwright Shoes

Read the full transcript from Scott Drew's interview here. Watch the video below for more of the good stuff (dancing, stinky feet, etc.).


The Baylor Fightin' JumpySmacks lost a tight one to TCU in Fort Worth Wednesday night. The Lady Bears drop to 2-5 in conference play.

Other News

#Pigskin2015 opens tomorrow night.

Spoiler Alert: Corey Coleman already caught the EARLY EARLY show and said it was fantastic.