Meet the Contributors: A Q&A with dfank_BU

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Hey ODB, Lord.Hinton here again with another installment of Meet the Contributors. Last week with TedVid went exceptionally well and I've found another ODB personality to step up to the plate and answer questions you didn't even know you wanted the answer to. This week, David Fankhauser aka dfank_BU.

Name: David Fankhauser

Twitter: @dfank_BU

LH: Where are you from?

DF: Katy, Texas. Born and raised.

LH: What years did you attend Baylor and what's one or two of your favorite memories from your time at BU?
DF: Fall of 2006 through Spring of 2010 (left just in time for good football). My favorite sports moment was probably the entire 2010 basketball season. It was just an awesome time to be on campus and experience everyone coming together to get behind the team. I'm still ticked to this day about the way it ended BUT I DIGRESS BEFORE I START THROWING THINGS. On a non-sports note, I did get to meet Warren Buffett as a part of a business school group that went up to Omaha to hear him speak. But the best part of being at Baylor was that I met my wife and most of my best friends when I was on campus. The family atmosphere at Baylor is why I enjoy coming back to visit so much now.
LH: What did you major in at Baylor?
DF: Management Information Systems.
LH: What line of work are you in currently?
DF: I currently do system implementation and project management work for a consulting firm in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
LH: What does an average day in the life of dfank_bu look like?
DF: I work a standard All-American 8 to 5. I commute an hour each way to and from the office which makes for a long work day. I'm really enjoying my job right now though so its worth it. Making clients happy makes me happy. And I can usually keep myself entertained on the drive with podcasts, Spotify playlists, or The Ticket. We have no pets and no kids so my wife and I usually get out quite a bit on the weekends. We really like Fort Worth but wish we could wash the TCU stain out of it.
LH: What is your favorite restaurant in Waco?

DF: It seems like a cop out answer but George's truly is the #GOAT. And I'm just going to stop right there before I start craving some crazy wings and a Big O.
LH: I grew up in Katy too. What was your favorite thing about our hometown?

DF: Katy isn't anything super special but it will always be home to me. There are certainly more things to do there now than there was 10 years ago when I was in high school there. My new favorite thing in Katy is No Label Brewery. Good stuff if you are a craft beer fanatic.
LH: Least favorite part?
DF: I unfortunately had to wear maroon during my 4 years of high school. I got the green and gold on me as fast as I could though.
LH: What is your favorite type of post to write?

DF: I honestly enjoy doing completely mindless posts the most. It's a good thing I'm not in journalism because I get writer's block pretty easily. When I'm trying to do some actual sports analysis, I really want to make sure I get my story straight and my facts right. When I write about something incredibly stupid such as ranking bowl game sponsors (, I just kind of let my mind take over. And I hope that at least 3% of what I write actually gets a chuckle out of the reader.

LH: As an Astros fan, how do you feel about the front office decisions of the past few years and the team's outlook for this season?

DF: I always thought that the new front office was doing the right thing when they completely gutted the roster and started over from scratch. When you have an aging major league roster that isn't very good coupled with an empty farm system, it's a recipe for long term failure. And while it wasn't any fun having to sit through 3 straight 100 loss seasons, I think we're finally starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I'd expect the 2015 Astros to win somewhere in the neighborhood of 75-80 games but I think a big jump is in store in 2016.
LH: How did you become so involved in ODB?
DF: I met Peter at the Baylor/UCLA Holiday Bowl from a few years ago. ( He and I have since become pretty good friends and when the 2013 football season rolled around, he asked me if I wanted to start contributing to the site. I guess the rest is history.
LH: Is podcasting as fun as it seems like it would be?

DF: I think I speak for Peter, Mark, Prashanth, Amy and others that we certainly have a lot of fun doing them. It's just fun to be a part of something with a group of people that love Baylor athletics as much as I do. It helps that Peter can edit out anything dumb that I say.
LH: Cane's or Bush's?
DF: Cane's sauce is bae, but Bush's chicken is a notch above. Give me Bush's.
LH: Favorite thing from Vitek's that isn't a Gut Pak?
DF: I get a Gut Pak probably 99% of the time so I may not be the best source here. I will say that their brisket tacos are pretty clutch as well.
LH: Favorite Disney Princess? DF: Gonna have to defer to my wife on that one. Ask her on twitter @MrsFrankHouse. You have my permission.
LH: If you had to choose one Baylor athlete for your kids to grow up and emulate who would it be and why?

DF: I don't have kids yet but I would want them to be like Shawn Oakman. Because I want them to see that they can achieve all their dreams if they just learn to grow to be 6-9 with the ability to throw other large human beings around like rag dolls. Profit.
LH: Favorite turn up song?
DF: Till I Collapse - Eminem. It's been around awhile but I still get really jacked up any time I hear it.
LH: Favorite TV show?
DF: I've never had the attention span to get completely hooked on a TV show or series but I do miss that Arrested Development isn't around anymore.
LH: How did you propose to your wife?
DF: She was in Waco to work a recruiting event for her company so I snuck down to campus one night and had a few buddies who were still in school help me to surprise her. I proposed next to the fountain by the bridge between the Science Building and the SLC. She and I would sit and talk there fairly regularly during our freshman year after dorm visitation hours ended. I'd like to point out that we were both living in DFW by the time I proposed, so being able to completely surprise her stands as one of my finer accomplishments.
LH: Favorite Baylor sports moment?
DF: The 2013 Big 12 clincher against Texas. It was the culmination of so many things, emotions, etc. that made that game so special. Winning that first Big 12 title, being the last game at Floyd Casey, proving all the doubters wrong, surviving the nuclear winter. Until we win a national championship in football or men's basketball, that moment will probably stand on its own to me.
LH: Favorite Baylor athlete of all time?
DF: I'd have to say Quincy Acy. Dunks are fun.
LH: Worst mispronunciation of your last name?
DF: There's been a lot of them but one definitely stands out. When I was in junior high, we had a substitute teacher calling role. When he got to me, he definitely dropped an accidental F-bomb when trying to say Fank. The guy was so embarrassed that he turned about as red as the Kool-Aid Man. It was pretty funny.
LH: What's next for D Fankhauser?
DF: I don't really know how to best answer this one so instead you get Beastie Boy lyrics. ♫ Well I got to keep it going keep it going full steam Too sweet to be sour too nice to be mean On the tough guy style I'm not too keen To try to change the world I will plot and scheme ♫
There you have it folks. Thanks again for agreeing to do this David! On deck for next week's installment is the legendary ODB commenter BearNTex. The Meet the Contributors team has attempted to reach Art Briles for a Q&A but negotiations are ongoing (meaning I tweeted him asking if he would do it and got no response) so go ahead and request who'd you like to see do a Meet the Contributors Q&A.

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