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ODB's PREDICT THE SCORE game / Championship - UNC Tar Heels

Sorry for the late post of this article. Holiday schedules and some computer issues delayed me a couple of days.

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Championship!  We have made it to the final game season and the championship game of the Predict the Score Playoffs.  beardoug1 (#4 seed) is up against C5O (#2 seed) for all the marbles.  Meanwhile the rest of us will be competing for the usual bragging rights of trying to pick a perfect score.

(a link to the summary of season-to-date "Predict the Score" game results here)

Here is the First Look at the North Carolina Tar Heels link to help you come to your prediction.

For the two of you in the Championship, please only enter your projections through the portal so your opponent won't have any advantage. I will publish your projections prior to game time for all to know.  Everyone know what to do with the portal below or the comments if you find some problem with the portal.

The final two didn't miss predicting a game from TTU to TCU or the first round of the playoffs but if one or both of the competitors do not participate, I will resort to their alternate  until I fill all the spots. (GeorgiaBear or beefsupreme*)

The Season-Long "Predict the Score" Game Set-up (just in case your very late to the party and want to know what is finishing up...)

Layered on top of the weekly contests, I am taking a cue from the NCAA D1 Football and NASCAR. There are going to be two seasons, the first is Baylor's three-game non-con games and the second is Baylor's Big XII conference season through the TCU game. The person with the best cumulative variance after the Rice game wins the non-Con season (you have to play all three games). Then a new season will run Texas Tech through TCU and the best cumulative variance will win the conference season (must play every game). Then comes the playoffs for the University of Texas game and the Playoff/Bowl game. (When we make the National Championship game (see what I did there), that will be just a one game contest for everyone after the playoffs.) Like NASCAR, everyone still plays and anyone could win the week during the two pick 'em playoff weeks. For the UT game, the conference season champ will be seeded #1 and the non-con champ will be seeded #2. The second and third best variances from the conference season will fill in the final two seeds (after the non-con champ should they fill any of the first three spots for the regular season, too). For the UT game, #1 will be head-to-head v. #4 and #2 v. #3. The winners of the head-to-head will go for the overall Pick 'em Championship in the Playoff/Bowl game. Any questions? Put them in the comments.


Disclaimer....I have found it not uncommon for folks to input a score into the poll portal and then immediate put a different (yet similar) score in the comments section of the Fan Post. In this case, I go with the publicly posted numbers as I cannot be sure what the intent is and I will eventually make the guesses public. It seemed best to me that they match what was in the comments. Thanks for your understanding.