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Art Briles officially announces Kendal Briles as new Baylor Offensive Coordinator

In case you were on pins and needles about this, be calm!

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

So there's a press conference of sorts going on right now for the Cotton Bowl, and we're getting answers galore to commonly-asked questions.  Getting right to it:

Congrats, KB! We've talked about this being the likely result ever since it was announced that he'd call plays for the Cotton Bowl, but it's happy news, regardless. The future is now.

"But Seymour," you begin, "from whence will he call plays?"  Excellent question, poster concerned with continuity and coach location.  Your answer:

"As of right now" is the key phrase here, but this is again as we expected.  KB has been on the field for a good while now in his current position as WRs coach, and that's probably where he's comfortable.  Should be noted that Clements (running game/OL coach) and the Elder Briles are both on the field, as well, so there will be plenty of collaboration between the three of them (I assume).  My money is on a GA jumping up to coach the WRs and doing so from the box to have an extra set of eyes up there.

What else is going on...

Part of me was hoping for the traditional gold/green/gold for the Cotton Bowl Classic, but I get it.  Everybody loves chrome.  If you don't love chrome, we might have trouble being friends.

Bryce also on the mic this afternoon:

More from @BUFootball:

So there you go.