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Cotton Bowl Presser: Sparty Edition

The 2014 Cotton Bowl Classic Media Day is today. Let's see what the players and coaches are saying.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Michigan State took the podium first at media day. Here are the highlights:

(Sorry for the brevity, but I've got a final today)

First up is Michigan State Athletic Director Mark Hollis:

In other words, "Get happy or getchyo ass out."

Accurate. The Cotton Bowl has long been the pinnacle of bowl games in Texas.

Uh...I don't really know what this means. From what I can tell, the students from both schools are on the 400 level in their respective endzones. I would assume Mr. Hollis knows what he is talking about though.

Next up is the stellar DC, Pat Narduzzi.

Almost every Baylor offensive set can turn into a pass or a run or a touchdown.

If you say so. I think Kaz would disagree. I believe he also said that Baylor runs plays at a faster rate than Oregon, which is true.

I mean, kind of? I do not really watch B1G football, but the majority of the Baylor plays are pretty simple.

Is it still a three-and-out if Baylor scores on the third play?

Briles does love him some play-action.

Can't argue with that. Baylor is in for a fight.

Co-offensive coordinators Dave Warner and Jim Bollman came up next to talk MSU offense and Baylor defense.

I haven't had a chance to watch the film yet (or find it, for that matter), but I believe Petty and Cook are actually pretty statistically similar. Cook is a very underrated QB, from what I've heard.

Kansas State says hello. The Snydercats are not exactly the same, but they're similar.

I like this quote.

Head coach Mark Dantonio is up next.

Statistically correct.

For sure, especially if the front seven can limit the run like they have all season.



In the Big 12, we play fast football.

Baylor cannot overlook this fact. Sparty is an excellent football team and has all the tools to beat Baylor.

Art Briles approves.

That's it for me, I think Baylor is up next, but I've got to go study, so y'all post the Tweets in the comments or something. Follow along at @MSU_Football and at @BUFootball for the latest.