Baylor-Iowa State Uniform Predictions!


After a horrible saturday with no Baylor football, IT IS ONCE AGAIN GAME WEEK. The Bears head to Ames to take on the Cyclones of Iowa State on Saturday evening. Now, previewing the game is important and all, but what is crucial and vital information truthfully regards what uniforms the Bears sport this weekend. Iowa State, although having introduced a new matte red helmet this year, does not have the swagged out uniforms that we can brag about. We pretty much know they'll be wearing the traditional red helmet, red jersey, all that good stuff. But what of us? How TURNT should we be for the uniforms this week?

You guys know the drill. Unfortunately I have to say I don't think it's anything special, new, or exciting this week. I'm going with the black-white-black combo we wore at Oklahoma State last year. What say you, ODB? Leave your comments/votes!

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