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Results - Baylor @ Buffalo - Predict the Score

Congrats to R_Pack for being the best guesser.

Below is a summary of this week's winners and losers in the Predict the Score contest.

This week's winners, R-Pack, predicted a 62-20 Baylor win which was nearly dead on.  Congrats sir.  You can see how all participants did by clicking here.  Here's a look at the summary results:


Here's a look at the latest overall standings.  If a predictor fails to make an entry in any given week, I'm going to deem them to have made an entry in the 75th percentile.  If you don't show up to make a pick, that's your problem.  Starting later in the season, because I am a merciful contest runner, we'll also include alternative standings which will average out only those games that users pick if they meet a certain threshold (probably will go with 75% of games played).

Here's a look at the top 10 so far.  You can see the full overall standings here.