"Feet Don't Fail Us Now"

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

So there I was...a Baylor graduate driving to Springfield, MO to begin my next stage of life as the Graduate Assistant for Spirit and Traditions at Missouri State University when NEEDTOBREATHE's song "Feet Don't Fail Me Now" came on my playlist and I started to make the connections between the lyrics and the state of Baylor Football. The song discusses the feelings of having a target on your back, and the only way to satisfy your own cravings is to keep going and going and going. Similiar to the band's perspective, Baylor Football is at an all time high ladies and gentleman, and the exciting part is that we are nearing the ceiling of success in college football at a rapid pace. Who ever would have thought in the Before Briles era we would be in the national championship discussion? However, with immense success certainly comes the anxiety of maintaining such a lifestyle. With the unpredictability of our competitive conference, I believe we are headed for a nerve wracking season where all we will want is more, going to each game with true uncertainty of the coming result. But Baylor is primed to do something special. A conference championship to repeat. A Heisman contender. A team that plays for a city that daily peels away the mask placed on it by what transpired at Mount Carmel in 1993.

So after listening to the song I found the time to sit down and make a video to celebrate both the anxiety and excitement of the season to come. I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to being among Baylor Nation at the McLane Stadium opener August 31. These truly are the best of times. Feet Don't Fail Us Now.

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