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Big 12 Power Rankings: Week Zero

It's about time we had some power rankings here, don't you think?

Nick Pants is the boss. Art Briles is the Godfather.
Nick Pants is the boss. Art Briles is the Godfather.

Who doesn't like a good power rankings? In what will be a weekly installment this season, I will take a look at the previous weekend's games and assess the performances of each team in as unbiased a manner as possible. Right, you know how these work, so let's get straight to it.

1. Baylor Bears

A bit biased, yes, but I also think the Bears are a perfectly valid choice for the top spot. The offense of F-22s is returning Heisman-candidate Bryce Petty, who will have #WideRecieverU and a fearsome line surrounding him. The defense figures to be the best in Baylor history, led by one of the best defensive lines in the country. What else is there to say about this team? Let's play some football!

2. Oklahoma Sooners

No surprises here. The Sooners dominated the Crimson Tide in the bowl game last year. But that was last year, so perhaps the media is reading too much into one game. However, the Sooners do have a ton of upside and have the potential to be extremely good this year. Will Trevor Knight continue his Bama-killing ways or will be fall flat like OU did in Waco? We will see this Saturday how they play against the cupcake Louisiana Tech.

3. Kansas State Wildcats

Two words: Bill Snyder.

4. Oklahoma State Cowboys

The Cowboys may be in a "rebuilding" year, but they still have the opportunity to have a solid season. Other than FSU, their early schedule is relatively light as they run through the bottom part of the conference before hitting what might be the toughest stretch in the Big 12 this season.

5. Texas Longhorns

At this point of the rankings, you could really put these teams in any order and I would be okay with it. Texas is fifth because they do have the talent to be tough this year. However, first year coaches always seem to have trouble getting things going and the off-season has been an especially rough one for the Stronghorns. Still, Charlie Strong is a great coach and the talent is there. Where will they end up? We shall see.

6. Texas Tech Red Raiders

Coach Bro's squad is certainly getting better and it wouldn't be a Tech team without a top offense. But a team needs defense to win games and Tech is lacking in that department. Still, Tech gets both Texas and Oklahoma at home and weird things happen in Lubbock. Hopefully we get a better read on this team after they demolish Central Arkansas this weekend.

7. TCU Horned Frogs

Unlike our esteemed colleagues over at Frogs O' War, I am not high on TCU at all. Off-season problems plagued Coach Patterson's team again and they, like UT, will be attempting a new system. The defense will, as always, be stout, but points will need to be scored, especially in the Big 12.

8. West Virginia Mountaineers

They have Amy Pagitt's favorite, Clint Trickett and uh...great fans? At least the 'Eers get Baylor, K-State, and Oklahoma at home. Other than that, it'll be a rough year for the West Virginians.

9. Kansas Jayhawks

Oh Kansas. When their head coach isn't sleeping in meetings, he is winning one Big 12 game in three years. Basketball is coming, Jayhawks. The only reason they're above ISU is because they get ISU at home this year.

10. Iowa St. Cyclones

I really want to like ISU. They have amazing fans and I have a friend who grew up an ISU fan. The problem is, the Cyclones are horrendous at football; there is a legitimate chance of them not winning a single game this season.

What do you think? Am I completely crazy? Put in the comments below how you'd rank the Big 12 prior to Week 1 and look for the next post on Monday!