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Student Tickets Go Faster Than A Duck On A Junebug

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Baylor students pull over 8,000 tickets in the first hour.

Art Briles wants you to be there on August 31st.
Art Briles wants you to be there on August 31st.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Baylor students pull over 8,000 tickets in the first hour.

Although it was not without its problems, the new distribution method for student football tickets successfully completed its first round of ticket distribution. Unlike years past, this new system has students log on with their ID and a password they created in order to get a print-at-home ticket that is tied to their account. Unfortunately, some students last year decided to arrive early for tickets to the OU and UT games, get a ticket, and then resell it to those who were not able to get a ticket for a hefty sum. This new online method is meant to combat the black market dealings by tying your ticket in to your student account; it has your name and ID number on it and you will receive penalties for withdrawing a ticket and not going to the game or for attempting to sell your ticket.

Was the process a massive headache for 15-45 minutes? Absolutely. I myself was logged out of the system multiple times and there was no one way to know when exactly I would get in or if I would get in - that's the main problem people have with the system, I believe. Unlike waiting in line at the SUB, where you know exactly how many people are ahead of you, the online system does not have a visible queue system. Does this mean that some students did not get tickets? Yes, unfortunately, but that happened last year too. As for the seniors, don't fret, we get priority (read: one hour early) access for Homecoming and the final game.

Despite all the problems, crashed webpages, and frustrations, the new system still managed to "hand out" over 8,000 tickets in about an hour. It took a full day to go through 3,500 at the SUB. The Internet is the way of the future and hopefully Baylor fixes the distribution system for the next game. Until then, for those of you who got a ticket, come early, be LOUD, stay late, and #SicSMU!

Bryce doesn't need a ticket, but someone had to make sure.

For the next round: May the odds be ever in your favour.