FOOD! McLane Stadium FirstTaste

Today I had the privilege of getting to try a sample of the concession offerings at McLane Stadium, prepared by SAVOR (huge thanks to Tyler Gambrell of SMG for the invite). In addition to mobile kiosk setups like Papa John’s and Waco’s La Fiesta, the stadium will feature multiple locations of SAVOR’s five different "restaurants" (as they like to call them): Bistro Texana, FUEL, Creoles, Eat Street Grill, and Char-BQ.


Here’s what was on today’s tasting menu:

Texana Dog: Bacon-wrapped, hickory smoked ¼ lb. all-beef hot dog served with jalapeño relish and guacamole.

Big Stacker: Double-meat & double-cheese burger stacked with a "Smoked-n-Fried Bacon Ring" (the bacon-wrapped, deep fried onion ring I’m sure you’ve all heard about), lettuce, pickles, and tomato.

Burger Bites: Beef burgers with cheese wrapped into a ball of dough and deep fried, served with Cajun dipping sauce and fries.

Creoles’ Blackened Chicken Wrap: Blackened grilled chicken and mixed greens in a spinach tortilla wrap.


My Hot Sports Food Take:

Big Stacker: No frills here, just an excellent, fresh tasting burger. The chef emphasized that they were not using frozen beef, and it showed in this burger. The beef was excellent with a nice char to the two thin patties, and the tomato was surprisingly "farmers’ market fresh."
Grade: A

Creoles’ Blackened Chicken Wrap: The chicken was amazing. Juicy, great flavor, and quite spicy. It did seem like there was something missing, however. The mixed greens and diced chicken (while delicious) weren't quite enough to compete with the huge tortilla. Throw some cole slaw in there and you’ve got a winner. A solid healthy option.
Grade: B/B+

Texana Dog: It’s bacon-wrapped so you know going into that it’ll be great. It was. And the jalapeño relish had a nice sweetness to it that balanced all of the salt.
Grade: A-

Burger Bite: It was unreal. Pretty simple on the inside (basically just a cheeseburger slider) but the dough around it was amazing. Crispy/flaky on the outside but gooey/doughy in the middle. It was perfection. (And the dipping sauce was excellent).
Grade: A++


Fries: I suppose it depends on how you like your fries. I like mine really crispy with a lot of surface area (but not potato-wedge style) for maximum condiment absorption. These fit that bill to a T.
Grade: A

Towards the end they also brought out some chicken fried steak sandwiches but they got snatched up while I was ogling the field. They looked incredible, however, and received high praise by those that got a taste. (h/t Wendy Gragg of @ChisolmCrossing)



So there you have it. Again, this was just a small sampling of what will be available at SAVOR’s restaurants. I can’t wait to try Creoles’ Po’boys and to see how Char-BQ’s BBQ stacks up against the Gut Pak and other Waco favorites.

Pro Tip, SAVOR, if you’re listening: You gotta get "#TurntTots" on the menu. Tater Tots covered in chili, cheese, and a little bit of that Cajun dipping sauce. You’re welcome.

Sic ‘em.

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