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Wednesday Poll Question: Favorite Game in Storied West Virginia-Baylor Rivalry?

It's just so hard to choose!

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The noted CFB experts at Southern Living put out a poll recently, I'm not sure when, asking readers to tell them which storied rivalry was the best.  Is it one of a handful of vicious in-state battles like the  Iron Bowl of Auburn vs. Alabama (played 88 times), Clemson vs. South Carolina (111), or Florida vs. Florida State (58)?  Or, rather, is it the more nascent but no less intense Baylor vs. West Virginia, a rivalry that began way back in 2012 with a 70-63 shootout for the ages and continued last season with a 73-42 massacre in Waco?  Vote, and let Southern Living know which rivalry truly rules the South.

Then, after you do that, vote here to tell me which of these incredible games was your favorite.  I've put the videos below in case you've forgotten them over the years.

2012 -- West Virginia 70, Baylor 63 (Morgantown, West Virginia)

This is just the first half.  If you want to watch the second, you're on your own.  Slightly funny-- Youtube showed me an ad for Diet Mountain Dew before this video.  It's like it knows.

2013 -- Baylor 73, West Virginia 42 (Waco, TX)

First Youtube comment: "Would of been a totally different game is Geno, Tavon and Bailey were still there for sure."

Well, yeah.  RGIII, too, probably.

I've asked a Herculean task of you to determine which of these game was the best.  Take it seriously.