Nicknaming McLane "The Bear Pit"

When you consider 45,000 fans all waving a bear paw with the dripping anticipation of shouting an aggressive "Sic em" on every play in McLane, don't you think opposing teams would feel like they are in a true "Bear Pit".

While a Bear Pit leader during undergrad, Scott Drew mentioned several times that he wanted to eventually make the Ferrell Center know collectively as "The Bear Pit" and not just the section of student section.

I think this is our moment as a Baylor community to start branding our new facility with this intimidating title. Yes, it is "A Palace" from the vantage point of your I-35 traveler, average kayaker, and scenic photographer. But the experience inside will truly be ferocious towards any visiting team.

If we start using "Fear The Bear Pit" or "Welcome to the Bear Pit" in our social media world, news outlets and sports media will surely pick up on it...imagine this voice over for a ESPN College Football Preview:

"Charlie Strong and his Longhorns are looking to get back on track, but first they are going to have to survive four quarters in The Bear Pit."

If we get it going in football, it will only transition to the Ferrell Center. Who knows, maybe even all of Waco!

"Before Steve can drive to San Antonio from Dallas - he's gonna have to make it through THE BEAR PIT"

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