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First Look at Game Action Inside McLane Stadium

Because Lache is the man.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Hello to all of you beleaguered fans stuck in this awkward time frame where it's just a littttttle too far out to say that the season is close at hand, but close enough to start scoping Baylor links down faster than Billy the Kid. This is no hype video, but it is a video nonetheless. Relive Lache Seastrunk's glorious run against the Kansas State Wildcats as if it happened inside McLane Stadium's shiny newness.

I will try to get a few more of these done over the coming weeks before kick-off, and while I cannot always promise quality (this is not exactly easy to do and so I apologize that the above video quality is just a little bland), I can promise you at least a small taste of the future.

Obviously one of the plays will be RG3 to TWill, but aside from that - what are some Floyd Casey moments you want to see in McLane Stadium? Put them in the comments and I will try to get to them!

Sic 'Em!