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Leaked: Baylor Football Conditioning Drills Guide

Conditioning workouts started last week for Baylor football, and OurDailyBears has come into possession of Coach Kaz Kazadi's workout guide. Warning, what you are about to read may shock and disturb less mature audiences.

OurDailyBears, probably against better judgement, sent a covert operative to Baylor football's conditioning workouts that started for vets last week. Our agent, Jeff did the best he could to get us the information, but Coach Kaz caught him before he could get out. This is what we were able to recover from the pictures Jeff sent. Poor Jeff. RIP Jeff.

4:00am 17mi Sprint

Why 17 miles? Because that's how long Coach Kaz makes his kids walk to school every morning, uphill both ways, after building a hill.

5:00am The Rack

Get some good stretching in after that run, don't want to have injury problems later on.


6:00am Wrestle the Tiger

Exactly what the title suggests, enter the 10'x10' cage with a Siberian Tiger and wrestle the tiger. No tap outs. Don't kill the tiger; we don't want to have to buy ANOTHER tiger.

7:00am Breakfast


8:00am Transcontinental Swim

9:00am Bench Press a Cow (China Springs) (10 sets until failure which is NEVER)

9:30am Squats (Equipment Truck - 5x15)

10:00am Scale the Wall (If the Scythe knocks you off, start over)


Remember, they only use ropes in Lubbock.

12:00pm Lunch Break


1:00pm Ropes Course


2:00pm Meditation (Mental strength is just as important as physical strength)


3:00pm Building Leaps (100 reps) (if you fail, start over)


4:00pm Wall Runs


5:00pm Dinner


Go give this a workout a try and let me know how it kills you.