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Sunday DBR: Exclusive Interviews

KimboSmash and lord.hinton join today's Daily Bears Report to talk life, Baylor, and sports.

Ronald Martinez

The hilarious KimboSmash and the top-researcher lord.hinton are two of the newest members of Our Daily Bears, but they have already written more FanPosts than most. Already mentioned on places such as the ESPN Big 12 Blog's lunchtime links and Bryce Petty's Twitter, the rise of these two has been impressive. But are they getting too big for their britches or are the staying humble and hungry?

NOTE: lord.hinton's interview is actually him, KimboSmash's is her for half of the interview and half made up though she gave me permission to use her social media accounts to make this "as ridiculous as possible". All spelling and grammar errors are intentional.

Matthew Tennant: Both of y'all love Baylor and love Baylor sports, but what made you decide to write FanPosts?

lord.hinton: I found out about the fanpost feature and thought it was really cool. And then I realized I had some thoughts on stuff that hadn't really been looked at by you official guys. I did that Evolution of the Baylor Hype Video post and it felt good so I did more.

KimboSmash: I'm the writer ODB needs not what it deserves. (Actual)

MT: lord.hinton, how did you become a "Lord"?

LH: Early on in my Baylor career Ya Boy Kenny Starr recognized that I was no mere Baylor student and decreeed that I shall now and forever be known as Lord Hinton. Also I have a big ego and think it sounds cool.

MT: You're known for your infatuation with Bryce Bryce Baby (BBB) and your Buzzfeed-style posts about the head men of Baylor football. Why do you love "BBB" so much and how did you decide to do Buzzfeed-style posts?

KS: Well, I must admit I have a huge crush on his QBR. As for the article style, ain't nobody got time to read full articles! Actually, I picked it simply because that medium is hugely popular with college students like myself, and doing that with sports writing is something few do. I thought it had potential to be humorous, so I set up my typewriter and got to work!

MT: Excellent, excellent. Art Briles has referred to McLane Stadium as "The Palace on the Brazos". Others have called it "The Jewel of the Brazos". You, lord.hinton, have come out and said that you believe "The Chapel" is the best nickname. Why "The Chapel" and not one of the others? KimboSmash, you can comment on the nickname as well. Personally, I am in favour of "The Palace on the Brazos", especially when you say it with Briles' Texas-speech.

KS: I have no ideas for the nickname...tbh. I'm still probably gonna call it baylor stadium behind drayton mclanes back haha. Or...the extraction site. Cause playing in waco is like having a wisdom tooth pulled (for the other team) [sic].

LH: I feel like "The Chapel" makes the stadium fit into Baylor's identity. Chapel is one of Baylor's oldest traditions and since tradition is big here tying the stadium into Baylor culture feels right. Also I like the way it sounds. And calling it the palace or something grand like that seems to ignore how small it is in comparison to other big 12 schools.

MT: Counterpoint to that last statement: A palace does not need to be large, merely something grand, which the stadium is.

MT: Other than football, what is your favorite Baylor sport and why? (At this point, KimboSmash had to leave so it's all made up from here.)

KS: What?! Football is bae, there is nothing but football and the months in-between are only good for creeping on BBB's Instagram and practicing my #BangBangChainGang skills.

LH: Basketball. I actually like going to basketball games just as much as football. You get to interact with the players. Chanting "Joel's on the bench" and getting a rise out of the KU bench was one of my favorite moments of last year.

MT: Can confirm, "Joel's on the bench!" was hilarious and many thanks to big man Embiid for playing along with us.

MT: What are you most looking forward to this upcoming year? It can be sports related or not.

KS: The obvious answer here is the MCAT. It certainly ain't the Rangers cause they've performed about as admirably as West Virginia did against Baylor. Don't even get me started on the Cowboys... Them Boys have ripped my heart heart out quicker than a duck on a june bug. (Note: KS is a through and through Texan and some of her colloquialisms are, well, very Texan.)

LH: The part of the year where Football, Volleyball, and Basketball season coexist. Those are the sports I go to most often and having them all together is the best time of the year for me as a sports fan. Especially is the Volleyball team improves this year. (Note: Fútbol also plays during this time. Shameless plug for my eventual Fútbol preview.)

MT: In a battle to the death, who would win: Shawn Oakman or a tiger?

KS: This ain't even a question. Oakman.

LH: Oakman. 11 times out of 10.

MT: Alright, we're about out of time here. Any last words?

KS: Bryce Bryce Baby, love is an open door, so can you just let it go and let me say something crazy? We can finish each other's sandwiches!

LH: Shameless plug for my upcoming Coaches' Profile of our co Offensive Coordinators as well as my wonderful previous fanposts. Check em out. They're pretty great according to my sources. Live long and Sic Em. Thus said the lord.hinton

That's it for today. Be sure to check out Paul Richmond's article on the Bears drafted in the MLB draft yesterday.

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