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"Since When?" - USMNT vs. Belgium Hype Video

U-S-A! U-S-A!

Kevin C. Cox

Above you will find a video to help get you pumped for the round of 16 match that the US Men's National Team has waiting for them on Tuesday. After a *fairly* successful video made the rounds this last week, I have gotten many questions asking for another and so late into a few nights I have pieced together another one for your viewing pleasure.

I could go on and on about the World Cup - how it unites communities, nations and even the world - but I am sure you have read plenty about that over the last few weeks. Now it's time to do something that will shock the world. We are a nation of many differences, but on Tuesday we will be one.

Let's Do This. Because since when have we not though it possible?


I Believe.

I Believe That.

I Believe That We.

I Believe That We Will Win.

I Believe That We Will Win.

I Believe That We Will Win.