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Saturday DBR: Meet the Bears

On 9. August, you and all of Baylor Nation will have the chance to meet the 2013 Big 12 Champions.

This Neuer guy is kind of good.
This Neuer guy is kind of good.
Stu Forster

Do you want to meet elite quarterback Bryce Petty? How about the speeding tank Antwan Goodley? Spencer "The Leg" Roth? Well, have we got a show for you. Veggie Ta-ales, Veggie Ta-ales Baylor's "Meet the Bears" event is set for 9. August. The time is TBA, but the event will be held at the Allison Indoor Practice Facility and fans can watch the Bears practice and get autographs from players.

In other important football news, the deadline to purchase Baylor away game tickets is Monday,  23. June.

Copa del Mundo

We're just over a week in to this Cup and media personnel around the world are already claiming that this is one of the best World Cups of all time. I'm in agreement here; this Cup has been phenomenally exciting. Now, onto today's games.

Argentina vs. Iran | 11:00 CST | ESPN, Univision

I wish I could say this game will be watchable. I wish I could say Iran had a chance. I wish I could say that poor Honduras had a chance of advancing. None of these things are true. Argentina will dominate.

Prediction: 3-0 to the Messis.

Watch-ability: 2/10. Iran's defense could make this interesting, but Argentina are just too good for Team Melli.

Germany vs. Ghana | 14:00 CST | ESPN, Univision

SB Nation gives Ghana no chance in this game and neither do I. If Germany played as clinically as they did against Portugal, this game will be over in less than 20 minutes. It's still worth watching because Germany play some gorgeous football, but don't expect a close game.

Prediction: 4-0 to die Nationalmannschaft.

Watch-ability: 4/10. It's a Group of Death game, so you might as well watch it, but if you've got a lawn to mow, you shouldn't miss much.

Nigeria vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina | 17:00 CST | ESPN, Univision

Read about BIH while you watch this game, because we've got another defensive bastion playing in Nigeria. The Dragons look to take down the Super Eagles to keep their hopes of advancing alive.

Prediction: 1-0 to BIH.

Watch-ability: 3/10. Nigeria and Iran play some boring football and any game with them in it suffers because of it.

Let's Play A Game

You wake up one day to discover that you are a 6' 10" 280 pound student at Baylor University. What sport, if any, would you try to walk-on for and why? What position would you play on that team?

For me, the clear answer is to be a defensive end on the football team, but that is also assuming I have speed and a Shawn Oakman-esque ferocity about me. More likely, I'd play basketball, but since this is entirely hypothetical, I'll stick to football. What about you?

The Daily Bear

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