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Friday Daily Bears Report: Gone to... Ohio.

It's official: the college football world is rid of Johnny Manziel forever, and as payment for his two years of slippery backyard football excitement in the SEC, the Heisman Trophy winner is headed to Cleveland, the city where good quarterbacks go to die. This is Baylor news, I swear.

I mean, did you expect to waltz in take Drew Brees or Tom Brady's job, son?
I mean, did you expect to waltz in take Drew Brees or Tom Brady's job, son?

It was another slow news day in the Baylor world, but the first round of the NFL Draft last night created some fantastic moments and irked Aggies and frat bros at non-football schools everywhere.

Baylor News

Today and tomorrow, women's tennis hosts the first and second rounds of the NCAA Championships for the eighth time in nine years. No. 20 Rice faces off against No. 67 Denver at 4 p.m. and No. 13 Baylor hosts unranked Texas A&M Corpus Christi at 7 p.m. The winners of these two matches play to advance on Saturday at 5 p.m. All matches will take place at the Hurd Tennis Center on campus.

Women's golf is currently tied for 18th place at the NCAA East Regional. They shot nine-over-par in the first day of competition and sit eight strokes behind where they need to be to advance to the next level of competition. Hopefully they'll pick things up. Competition began at 6:45 a.m. this morning, which sounds more like one of my nightmare-inducing high school debate memories than a collegiate athletic event.

We have a fall schedule for soccer! Baylor soccer released its fall 2014 schedule yesterday, which features an even split of 10 home and 10 away matches.

Draft Highlights

We've already touched on the fact that Johnny Manziel fell to 22nd (behind two Aggie teammates) after being projected by many experts as the top quarterback pick. That honor went to Blake Bortles, who will venture north of Orlando to join the Jacksonville Jaguars, a team that desperately needed... well... football players. For some, Bortles' high selection may somewhat validate a Fiesta Bowl in which the UCF quarterback ran all over a depleted Baylor defense.

Bortle Kombat has arrived. Maybe the Jags will lose games in more entertaining ways now.

Big 12 standouts Justin Gilbert and Jason Verrett both went in the first round. Gilbert and Verrett had outstanding senior campaigns while playing corner for Oklahoma State and TCU respectively. Gilbert gets to practice against our friend Josh Gordon at Cleveland.

In a surprising move, Detroit took TE Eric Ebron at no. 10 overall. Ebron is definitely solid, but Detroit's offense already has two excellent tight ends in Brandon Pettigrew and Joseph Fauria, plus a wealth of weapons in the passing game in Megatron, Golden Tate, and Reggie Bush. Ebron may have had the best draft day of any prospect however: he got engaged.

Clowney was first. No surprises there. Outland Trophy winner and Cyril Richardson slayer Aaron Donald belongs to Saint Louis. New Orleans nabbed Biletnikoff recipient Brandin Cooks from Oregon State. It was a very strong round- and the 2014 draft class still has dozens of weapons left on the board.

Now, here's one for the road: