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Monday DBR: Honoring and Remembering

Today we pause to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice defending the freedoms we hold so dear.

It is fitting that there are no Baylor sports today, for today is not a day fit for contest. Today we remember all of those brave men and women who gave their lives for their country. Words cannot express the gratitude we Baylor fans feel for these men and women.

At Baylor, we honor the fallen with lampposts throughout campus. These lampposts were initially dedicated on October 25, 1946 to commemorate the 125 Baylor students who had given the ultimate sacrifice during World War II. These lampposts have also inspired a book, Soldiers of the Wooden Cross, chronicling the stories of each of the men and women who are memorialized on the lampposts.

The Our Daily Bears family today honors two men who served.

The first is J.A. Grace's cousin, Keith Grace, who gave his life serving in Afghanistan last year.



The second is Linda Carol Trotter's father, James Forrest. He served in WWII under General Patton's 3rd Army, 94th Division and was awarded two Bronze Stars.

All of us here at Our Daily Bears sincerely thank these two men for their service.

It doesn't feel right to include a Daily Bear or sports news in this DBR, but the time for the first Softball game has been released and can be found at