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ODB Rewind: Outrunning the Bulls

The second installment of our look back at Baylor's special 2013 football season.

While Baylor was turning the Terriers into dog food, the University of Buffalo Bulls were playing their hearts out against Ohio State University. In a game where the Buckeyes should have been butchering the Bulls into flank steaks, they found their opponent a little tough to chew. Lead by eventual first round pick, Khalil Mack, the Bulls were able to pull within two scores of OSU early in the 3rd quarter. OSU was able to put the game away, though, and won 40-20.

Even though Baylor thoroughly thrashed Wofford the week before, everyone expected the team to come back down to earth against Buffalo. As a FBS team that stood toe to toe with a top 5 team for nearly three quarters, Buffalo showed that they were a team to be taken seriously. Especially Khalil Mack.

Khalil Mack was a beast against OSU forcing 2.5 sacks, an interception, a defensive touchdown, and earning National Defensive Player of the Week honors. In the days leading up the game we kept hearing how we'd have to keep a special eye on Mack less he do to Petty what he did to OSU QB, and Heisman hopeful, Braxton Miller. But due to a great game plan by Art and Monty, his impact in the game was largely negated.

Not only did Baylor neutralize Buffalo's best player, they completely out-muscled and ran circles around the Bulls; another stunning victory for the eventual Big 12 champs.

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