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Wednesday Daily Bears Report: By a Thread

Baseball, softball, and individuals tennis are in the elimination portions of their respective postseasons. One bad set or one busted inning can end it all now.

The bat sports are double elimination- yeah, I get that. Reality is, the few Baylor teams that are still competing are separated from the offseason by the thinnest of barriers. Everyone is in the danger zone.

Baseball - Big 12 Tournament

Several Baylor baseball players got good news yesterday with the announcement of Big 12 conference honors. RHP Josh Michalec was awarded a spot on the first team after successfully closing out more than 20 games this season. Adam Toth was given an honorable mention, and LHP Daniel Castano was named to the freshman team. Congrats to these three.

Baseball opens up Big 12 Tournament play today as the No. 7 seed against No. 2 seed TCU. It will be the fourth game in a week's time between the two private schools. The winner will go on to face the winner of West Virginia-Kansas, and the loser will face the loser of that same game to stay alive. Baylor has two shots against any combination of three higher-ranked teams. It looks grim, but have hope. For whatever reason, this team seems to pull out random epic upsets.

Softball - Athens Super-Regional

Softball flew out of Waco at 10:00 a.m. today to head to Athens, Georgia, for the super-regional round of the NCAA Softball Tournament. Last time softball was in Athens was in 2011, when they beat out Georgia for a trip to the Women's College World Series. Here's to hoping history repeats itself this weekend; the winner of the three-game series that kicks off on Friday will win a trip to Oklahoma City.

Individuals Tennis

Three Baylor men's tennis players, Diego Galeano, Julian Lenz and Patrick Pradella will open play in the NCAA Singles Championship today.

In addition, two Baylor women's tennis players, Kiah Generette and Jordaan Sanford, will begin their run in the NCAA Singles Championship today as well. All competitors will play in the Dan Magill Tennis Complex in Athens, Georgia. A large percentage of Baylor's student-athlete population is going to be in Athens today.


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