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NCAA Tournament 2014 | National Championship Open Thread

Just in case anybody wants to chill and watch the game.

Ronald Martinez

In case you didn't already check out SB Nation's wealth of content for this game...

Kentucky vs. Connecticut: 10 things you should know -
Regardless of who wins Monday night, history will be made. What kind of history? Time to educate yourselves.

Connecticut looks to make history vs. Kentucky with 4th championship in 15 years -
The Huskies are looking to do something that hasn't been done in 40 years.

In Lexington, things burn -
Chaos ensues as #BBN takes over the city of Lexington.

Sibling bond sustains Kentucky's Harrison twins through peaks and valleys -
As Kentucky gets set to meet UConn for the national championship, the relationship between the brothers who make up the Wildcats' starting backcourt is as strong as ever.

Good game, everyone?