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Friday Daily Bears Report: Horses Are Majestic Creatures

Equestrian is in the quarterfinals of the national championships this morning, while baseball and softball fall on the road to Kansas State and Oklahoma State respectively. Yuck.

Bat Sports

Second game of the series is tonight at 6:30. All I want in my imaginary Easter basket is a baseball road win.


Horses! etc.

They're majestic creatures, and some ancient Greek texts reveal that once, special horses had wings! The horses ridden by the Baylor Equestrian Team don't have wings, sadly, but they did carry their riders to a 12-4 victory in the first round of the NCEA National Championships yesterday. The action continues this morning at 8:30 a.m. against No. 3 Georgia.

Women's Tennis Finishes Regular Season at Texas - The14th-ranked Baylor women's tennis team will travel to face 20th-ranked Texas in its final regular season matchup at 5 p.m. on Friday at the Penick-Allison Tennis Center in Austin, Texas. Conquer them, Tennisspielerinnen.

MBB commit Kobie Eubanks officially signed with Baylor today.

Art Briles is America

Yesterday, John Humphrey, Sam Tecklenburg, and Art Briles appeared on ESPN 1660. Tecklenburg's interview can be found here and Humphrey's can be found here. Both are extremely enthusiastic young players who are ready and willing to step in and fill whatever role is assigned to them. Humphrey confirms that he is 100% Baylor, and has completely shut down his recruiting. Tecklenburg discusses his excitement about becoming a contributor in a hot program and his mentality on the field.

Briles is America. In his 12-minute interview, he discusses West, American heritage, and his mission to turn his players into exemplary husbands, fathers, and citizens as well as world-class athletes. If you have a few spare minutes, give this a listen. You'll be inspired.

Football. It is coming.