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The Daily TCU Sucks Report green & gold Tuesday Edition

TCU is a no good sic em very bad school go bears

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

With our hated "Daily Bears Report" blogger sic em ConnerSaurusRex sic em or should I say TraitorSaurusRex sic em transferring to Texas C University and the esteemed Mark Seymour stepping down sic em the great Peter Beepope has given me free reign of daily blogging go bears

Enter "The Daily TCU Sucks Report" go bears go bears go bears

First sic em all must watch hype videos green & gold

Next sic em in order to prove your loyalty to Baylor sic em you must say something bad about TCU go bears

I will start go bears TCU is so bad at basketball that even aggy could beat them go bears

ALSO go bears go bears go bears Any mention of that "university" that exists down Highway 6 is grounds for banning and no colors other than the mighty green sic em gold sic em white sic em black sic em and highlighter may be mention sic em lest ye be banished go bears