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Tuesday DBR: Impatiently Waiting

Madness is coming. Soon.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Selection Monday has come and gone, so now all we can do is wait. Let's look at what the Lady Bears are in for.

Women's Draw

WBB Hosts Western Kentucky in NCAA First-Round Action -

The Baylor Lady Bears are No. 2 in the South Bend regional. They will face Western Kentucky in Waco at 5:30 on Saturday. The game will also be on ESPN2, but if you are in or near Waco, you should be at this game. I have yet to confirm this, but last year students got in free; hopefully the same policy will apply this go-round.

There is no easy way to say this - the Lady Bears got an extremely tough draw. If all goes as planned (the top seed wins), Baylor is on a collision course with Kentucky in South Bend (click to see bracket). Those of you with any knowledge of United States geography will note that Kentucky is much closer to Fightin' Irish land than Texas is (roughly 5 hours compared to around 16 hours, to be exact). Win that game, and the Lady Bears will likely be facing undefeated Notre Dame on their home court. Win that game, and Tennessee could be waiting in Nashville.


Even getting to the Sweet 16 is no guarantee. First, Baylor must knock off Western Kentucky, whom they should handle with ease. The Cal-Fordham game should be interesting. Cal is 9th by RPI and Fordham is 62nd, but Fordham leads in the majority of the other stats.

They may have received a tough draw, but you better believe that Coach Mulkey will have these ladies raring to go.

Big 12 Draw

Don't quite have the time to go as in-depth with this as I did with the Men's yesterday, but here it goes.

Baylor - No. 2 vs No. 15 Western Kentucky in the South Bend regional. Game in Waco.

Oklahoma State - No. 5 vs No. 12 Florida Gulf Coast in South Bend regional. Game in West Lafayette, Indiana.

Texas - No. 5 vs No. 12 Penn in Louisville regional. Game in College Park, Maryland.

West Virginia - No. 2 cs No. 15 Albany in Louisville regional. Game in Baton Rouge. Face LSU in the second round. Then Louisville in Louisville.

Iowa State - No. 7 vs No. 10 Florida State in Stanford regional. Game in Ames. They get Stanford in second round; possible upset?

Oklahoma - No. 10 vs No. 7 DePaul in the Lincoln regional. Game in Durham, N.C. Face No. 2 Duke in second round.

All around, the Big 12 has a pretty tough path to Nashville. No one ever said March Madness was easy though.

Football to Play Incarnate Word

The University of the Incarnate Word announced yesterday that they have scheduled a game against Baylor for 2019. As lamron pointed out, SMU was originally scheduled for this date, meaning they likely backed out...again. Baylor is scheduled to play UTSA and Rice as the other non-cons for the 2019 season. While UTSA and Rice have been on a rise as of late, it would be nice to play a major conference opponent, especially with the upcoming emphasis on strength of schedule. I'm sure Ian McCaw and TGCAB will work something out. Still, it is an interesting choice of opponent.

Other Baylor News

Baseball's Dillon Newman Named Big 12 Pitcher of the Week -

This is the second week in a row a Baylor pitcher has earned the honor of Pitcher of the Week. Sic 'em Dillon!

Baseball Continues Home Stand vs. Houston Baptist on Tuesday -

Baylor LHP Daniel Castano (1-0, 3.24 ERA) will face HBU's RHP Ross Kennel (0-2, 8.15 ERA) as the Bears take on a school I've never even heard of. HBU is in the Southland Conference; that would explain why I've never heard of them. I expect the Bears to win this one.

First pitch is at 6:30. Radio call is ESPN 1660.

SB Guns for 11th Straight Win vs. Texas State -

The Lady Bears face off against the Bobcats of Texas State for the second time this year. Hopefully, the previous meeting's 11-1 outcome is a sign of good things to come for the Lady Bears.

"All tickets will be just $3 for Tuesday night's game and free Dr. Pepper floats will be in the concourse from 6-7 p.m. for fans in attendance." They used a period after "Dr". Come on Baylor.

Game begins at 6:00 over at Getterman Stadium.

Acrobatics & Tumbling to Compete in Tri-Meet -

A&T will face Azusa Pacific and Hawai'i Pacific in a tri-meet at the Richard and Vivian Felix Event Center in Azusa, California. Because I know nothing about A&T, I'll give y'all the mascots instead. AP had the Cougars. Alright, common, but a solid choice. HP has the Sea Warriors. Boom. Hawai'i Pacific wins.

Other Sports Happenings

Cowboys Sign Brandon Weeden To Two-Year Contract - Blogging The Boys

In case you needed further confirmation that Jerry Jones is, well, Jerry Jones, the 'Boys have signed Brandon Weeden.

Dikembe Mutombo betrays the Nuggets mascot - SBN

Must-watch GIF.

Jets, Blues game ends with line brawl, mysterious goal that is taken away - SBN

Hockey shenanigans!

There are a plethora of ways to fill our your bracket. Thankfully, SBN has done it for you. You can fill it out via baseball playersalphabeticallybased on songsusing college rankings (Spoiler: Harvard wins), MASCOT DEATHBRACKET (highly entertaining, Baylor does well).

The List: Bracket schools that could have been real for all you know - SBN

9 questions about the NCAA tournament bracket you were too embarrassed to ask - SBN

I'd like to point out that "YOLO" is in the URL of this link.

Meet the North Dakota State Bison, the NCAA Tournament's most FARM STRONG team - SBN

Madness is coming. Soon.