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Baylor Announces Complete Sellout of 2014 Football Season Tickets

If you were waiting to buy your 2014 season tickets until, say, after the spring, you're now going to be out of luck. Baylor is now completely SOLD OUT for the first season at McLane Stadium.


Minutes ago, Baylor AD Ian McCaw tweeted the following (that I had to see when someone else RT'd it):

This is huge news for a couple of reasons, which probably seem obvious to most.  First, I don't know that we've ever sold out season tickets before.  That's a fairly incredible feat in and of itself.  Second, the part about seat selection is something I know people have been waiting to hear.  Originally, I believe seat selection was scheduled to take place in February or March.  My guess is that when they knew they'd get close to selling out, they pushed it back.  Regardless, if you want to make it to a game next year in McLane Stadium, you're going to have to buy single game tickets or pick them up on the secondary market.

Congratulations, Baylor fans.  This is a big day.

UPDATE: Baylor's official release.